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What can you do here? Learn how to produce rap beats. Find rap beat downloads. Get samples for your beats.

Rap Beats: Making a Club Banger with Sonic Producer

Watch this quick demo of how to make a club banger style of beat using Sonic Producer.

Sonic Producer gives you the instant ability to make beats. Learn more about it here.

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Making Beats with Reason 4 & Akai MPD 32

I like this guys approach, he uses the MPD 32 to program his beats in Reason. Notice the way he keeps layering new stuff on top of his loops my manually pounding out the rhythms on the pads.

Propellerhead Music Education Software, Reason & Record

Propellerhead now makes education versions of their software, which now gives education institutions the ability to teach audio production with easy to use tools:

In the classroom, Record and Reason have many distinct advantages over other music software programs, allowing students to focus on music creation and production, not system maintenance and software incompatibilities. Students can freely experiment and find solutions to audio problems while maintaining creative flow during music production, invariably spending more time on their projects and assignments.

I think that sums it up quite well. Both Reason and Record are available with educational licenses. More info here.

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Learn how to make beats with FL Studio

This guy will give you a quick run through regarding making beats with FL Studio. If you need a place to start, and you have or can get FL Studio, then check this out and learn how to make some beats.

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Hip Hop Beats at

Another good link to, this time for the tag “Hip Hop Beats”

Check it out here.

There are several different pages of beats, scroll to the bottom of the page to get to the other pages.

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Finding Cheap Vinyl Records: Where to Look?

A lot of people that produce rap beats like to inject a little “vinyl” flavor into their beats, whether it’s to get an old-school sound, a unique sound or just to mix it up a bit overall.

Personally, I don’t like a lot of the sterile beats out there today that all sound like they came off the same Roland sound module. That’s just not my style. I like old-school beats that are rich with flavor, uniqueness and vinyl samples.

So.. where can you find some cheap vinyl to work with? Sampling new vinyl releases might not be the best idea, since you can run into copyright issues if you were to resell any music.

But, there’s a wealth of old records out there that will keep you off the radar. If you sample from obscure stuff, you’ll not have to run the risk of getting sued by somebody for using their sounds on your beats.

I like to look in the following places for cheap, obscure vinyl records to scratch and take samples from.

Pawn Shops

There is always a thick supply of old vinyl records for cheap at the local pawn shops where I live, I can only assume this carries through to the rest of the world.

Thrift Stores

This is a sleeper – I frequently find old vinyl at thrift stores for less than $.50 per record. Not bad. A lot of times you can talk the person manning the till to give you a whole box of shitty old vinyl records for a few bucks, cause they’ve been sitting there unsold for years.

Record Shops

You’ll pay more money here, but there’s always gonna be a discount section or used section for vinyl if they carry vinyl of any type.

Garage Sales

People will almost give away old records at garage sales, plus this is the best place to work bartering skills to get a better deal.

Your Parents

People who lived through the vinyl era may still have their vinyl collections. Ask them if they have anything you can have. They may not want to give away their prized, favorite albums from their youth, but they may have a bunch of vinyl that they just want to get rid of.


Sometimes, and I really say “sometimes” seriously, schools or libraries hold auctions or sales to move out the old crap so they can make room for the new crap. The old crap sometimes includes gems like VHS tapes, audio tapes, and vinyl records. This is probably more rare now, but if you can find an auction or sale that includes old vinyl, you’ll be able to get it for CHEAP.


I’m sure there’s many other sources of cheap vinyl out there. Just keep digging around in various small shops and auctions/sales and you might surpise yourself with all the old vinyl you might find. If you have any stories about finding old vinyl, or anything to add, drop a comment below and share it with the world. Yeah!

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Free Rap Beats at

Got some free rap beats for you today – over at I do believe you have to sign up for their mailing list to receive the beats, but what the heck, they’re free!

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What hardware do you need to make rap beats?


Well… except for a computer.

That might sound like a simple and smart-ass remark, but it’s true. You really don’t need any hardware these days to make rap beats. Have you seen photos of the big studios with rack-mounted hardware and huge mixing boards? You don’t need that to just make rap beats. All you need is a laptop computer (or desktop computer), a pair of headphones and some software.

Well then, what software do you need?

Get Reason.

It’s the cheapest way to get everything you need for producing rap beats. Some might argue with me, but that’s fine. There’s other good options for cheap software out there to sequence and produce some beats. But Reason seems to stay on the top of my list, and has for many years now.

So, once you get Reason running on your computer, you should feel that you’ve got everything you need to make some rap beats. It’s all up to you at that point to come up with something creative. It’s kinda like having a bunch of pencils and paper, you still gotta know what your doin if you’re gonna try to draw some pictures. The tools are easy to come by.

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USB Flash Drives: Mini MPC 2000XL and SP1200 Drum Machine

This isn’t exactly rap beat related, but pretty cool in it’s own right. If you are a fan of the MPC 2000XL sampler or the SP1200 drum machine you might be interested in these little USB flash drives.

I found them to be rather interesting. Now you don’t need to use a “standard” looking USB flash drive anymore, you can carry a mini MPC in your pocket.


Check out the rest of the details at

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Rap Beat Downloads at has a few beats available for download for free. In addition to the free beats, memberships are available that can provide access to tons more beats. Yeah!

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